What exactly is this?!?

Blundergrafts is 1/2 experiment, 1/2 promotional tool.

As I commenced working on a Kickstarter campaign for a comic strip about college life I’ve drawn for years, I struggled to think of an interesting way I could promote the project on Reddit. (Concurrently, I was spending more & more time procrastinating on the site, and finding myself amused at how deep the rabbit hole goes.) And that’s when it hit me: what if I just created comics¬†that were as much about Reddit as they were¬†for Reddit? I immediately began working on the spinoff strip that would become Blundergrafts: an unstructured mutation of my original comic that used various subreddits as its muse, rather than college.

The following strips are the initial results. I’ll be posting them to Reddit over the coming days and weeks, and posting new content soon. This experiment has been surprisingly fun to draw; I hope it’s just as much fun for you to read.